Porn for kids is a Battle! You need to make sure they Win!

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With the growth of the internet and accessibility to explicit content, most young parents today have another challenge they need to deal with – pornography. The internet is a vast digital jungle with tons of information. But porn available for kids has grown so large that 4% of currently active websites offer pornographic content. Kids […]

Ungrateful Children: The Ultimate Guide to Uncover Ungratefulness.

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Bringing up a kid is a full-time job that most parents take very seriously. They read books, watch videos, read guides, and even commit to parenting seminars and schools. Yet again, that little angel you’ve been feeding since day one can join the ungrateful children crowd at some point or another. Don’t worry, ungrateful children […]

Proverbs for Kids: Our top 20 picks are Nice and Easy to remember

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Proverbs are such an essential part of both language and culture. Our top 20 proverbs for kids picks are small pieces of wisdom that can be easily memorized, to stay with Kids forever. Proverbs teach us how to behave, how to respond to various situations, and how to be good people. Teaching children about different […]

Spatial Awareness: Does your child lack it? Ways You can improve it

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Children, and adults, interact with their surroundings every day. Whether we have to go somewhere, reach for some object, drive a bike, or even write, we need to have spatial awareness. Have you noticed that your kid often bumps into things? ”They’re quite clumsy,” you tell yourself. Or maybe he or she gets confused when […]

Get to know you questions for kids: 101 ways to make them spill the beans.

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Do you feel like you don’t know much about your kids? Or worse, do you feel like your kids ignore you? No worries, we’ve got you covered. Our get-to-know-you questions for kids will inspire you to connect with your little monsters. Kids naturally want to talk, you just have to provoke them a little, and […]

Where Do Babies Come From? A Guide To Answer Your Child’s Question

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One of the most feared questions a lot of parents dread their child will ask is, “Where do babies come from?” Raising children to be competent and well-adjusted is a challenge each parent faces. This can be quite problematic to do while balancing your career, housework, and having the time to keep yourself mentally adjusted. […]

Is German hard to learn? Why Learning German is a great opportunity

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Do you want to know if german is hard to learn before you embark on that journey? You might’ve heard some people saying that learning german is easy compared to other languages such as English, while others telling you that German is hard to learn, but if you follow a certain method or course, it will […]

Active Parenting: The ultimate guide on actively guiding children

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If you ask parents about their goal for their children, they will mostly reply that they want their children to be happy. Happiness is an important goal, but it is a feeling that moves on a spectrum— the feeling of sadness gives happiness its meaning. Furthermore, active parenting has to be in place for any […]