Why do we communicate? Parent’s Guide on language and communication.

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One of the most fascinating ways to look at the question, “Why do we communicate?” is in the animal kingdom. We know that animals communicate. It’s not only that they use howls, growls, clicks, or chirps. Many animals use distinct sounds that appear to have meanings. Some researchers have also found that dolphins, primates, parrots, […]

Why aren’t Life Skills Taught in School and How Kids Can Learn Them

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When we think of “life skills” our minds tend to go in a few different directions. You might be thinking of survival skills, the kind people need in everyday situations rather than wilderness survival. Some people think of the world of business and work, as life skills often go hand-in-hand with corporate success. Educators often […]

Emotions Chart For Kids to develop social communication skills.

feelings chart for kids

Now more than ever, especially with all of the extra “together time,” parents are asking the age-old question. “How can I help my child understand different emotions?” One fantastic tool for helping kids understand emotions is using an emotions chart. You may have noticed some strong feelings in your child and even moments when their […]

Birthday Party Entertainment: How To Celebrate Your Child’s Birthday!

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Do you remember your eighth birthday party entertainment, the year your parents threw that lavish, over-the-top party? There were a magician and an acrobat troupe, as well as beautiful fairy princesses in their ball gowns taking pictures with your hundred or so guests. Of course, your parents hired an entire fleet of horses to give […]

Highly sensitive child parenting strategies Every Parent must know

8 highly sensitive child parenting strategies

Highly-sensitive child parenting strategies might sound like a label that a mommy blogger developed to explain why her child’s tantrums are really just a form of expression, but rest assured, that is not the case. Highly-sensitive children are a recognized, documented phenomenon with statistical reference to back it up. In fact, experts estimate that 15 […]

Sad Children May Not Be Depressed. Here’s The Difference.

Sadness or feeling “blue” isn’t something that affects adults only. Indeed, sad children can experience intense emotional fluctuations. However, when such feelings last for over two weeks, it is a possible sign of depression. Children are rarely diagnosed with depression, as the condition often goes unrecognized. And therefore, untreated. Signs Sad children Can Give   […]

Decision Making Games to Give Your Kids a Leg-Up

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Parents are always looking for the best ways to equip their kids for academic and emotional success while still encouraging them to explore their world, process their feelings, and just have fun. So how do you balance it all? How do you build great-future (and current) students while also fostering their independence and creativity? The […]

Creative Games For Kids For Boosting Communication Skills


Communication is everything. You could have the best ideas in the world, but those ideas wouldn’t get far without proper communication. One of the best ways to improve communication early on is engaging in creative games with your kids. Here are our top creative games you can play with your kids. 1. Creative Family Games […]

Lunch Box Notes For Kids That’ll Get Them Really Excited!

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Parents have been making lunch box notes for their kids for a long time. It’s become a widespread cultural tradition. It’s a way of showing your kids that you care for them even when they are out there in the world, climbing their way to adulthood. Every parent likes to put those small but meaningful […]

Which parenting style is most encouraged in modern America?

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If you hit social networks and parenting forums, you can see that many people are under the impression that the most encouraged parenting style in modern America is the permissive parenting style. But is this really true? Is modern American society that lenient when it comes to favoring certain parenting strategies when raising children?   […]