Why do we communicate? Parent’s Guide on language and communication.

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One of the most fascinating ways to look at the question, “Why do we communicate?” is in the animal kingdom. We know that animals communicate. It’s not only that they use howls, growls, clicks, or chirps. Many animals use distinct sounds that appear to have meanings. Some researchers have also found that dolphins, primates, parrots, […]

Why aren’t Life Skills Taught in School and How Kids Can Learn Them

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When we think of “life skills” our minds tend to go in a few different directions. You might be thinking of survival skills, the kind people need in everyday situations rather than wilderness survival. Some people think of the world of business and work, as life skills often go hand-in-hand with corporate success. Educators often […]

Creative Games For Kids For Boosting Communication Skills


Communication is everything. You could have the best ideas in the world, but those ideas wouldn’t get far without proper communication. One of the best ways to improve communication early on is engaging in creative games with your kids. Here are our top creative games you can play with your kids. 1. Creative Family Games […]

Lunch Box Notes For Kids That’ll Get Them Really Excited!

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Parents have been making lunch box notes for their kids for a long time. It’s become a widespread cultural tradition. It’s a way of showing your kids that you care for them even when they are out there in the world, climbing their way to adulthood. Every parent likes to put those small but meaningful […]

Tantruming Children Are Tensed Up. Here’s How You Can Help

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Don’t worry; you are not the only parent stuck with a tantruming child that bursts when you are about to set a new boundary and say “No.” In fact, a study finds that 84% of preschool kids had thrown a tantrum within a given month. The usual scenario goes something along these lines: You had a […]

Proverbs for Kids: Our top 20 picks are Nice and Easy to remember

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Proverbs are such an essential part of both language and culture. Our top 20 proverbs for kids picks are small pieces of wisdom that can be easily memorized, to stay with Kids forever. Proverbs teach us how to behave, how to respond to various situations, and how to be good people. Teaching children about different […]

Is German hard to learn? Why Learning German is a great opportunity

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Do you want to know if german is hard to learn before you embark on that journey? You might’ve heard some people saying that learning german is easy compared to other languages such as English, while others telling you that German is hard to learn, but if you follow a certain method or course, it will […]