Creative Games For Kids For Boosting Communication Skills


Communication is everything. You could have the best ideas in the world, but those ideas wouldn’t get far without proper communication. One of the best ways to improve communication early on is engaging in creative games with your kids. Here are our top creative games you can play with your kids.

1. Creative Family Games

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Creative scenario games require creative and critical thinking, so they’re perfect for your kids’ development. Since they involve actual talking, they’re also great for building excellent communication skills. Here’s what you can try.

Story Games For Kids





Tell Me a Story

Present your kids with pictures from a magazine or any other printed source, and ask them to make up a story that connects the images.

You certainly know that kids love telling stories, so this can be an entertaining activity for them. They’ll use visual cues and their imagination to think of exciting scenarios while developing logical thinking and communication skills.

Creative Games For Language And Communication Skills

What’s in the Box?

Put an object inside a box with one or two hand-sized holes. Ask your kids to describe what the object looks like based on touch. Even if they immediately guess the object, ask them to describe it in as much detail as they can.

This is an entertaining game that will help your kids hone language and communication skills.

What’s My Favorite…?

This is an excellent game for honing communication skills. It involves you and your kids taking turns describing various favorite movies, games, books, or anything else. Once one person finishes describing, another has to guess their favorites.

Imagination Games

Finish the Rhyme

You can use nursery rhymes, poems, or any other rhyme, such as song lyrics. Share one line and ask your kids to come up with another, and so on.

The key is to come up with alternatives to original rhymes or lyrics. So, even if your kids are familiar with the verses, they should think of entirely new endings. The results can be ridiculous and spark their creativity and imagination.

Finish the Story

This creative scenario game is similar to the previous one, except there’s no rhyming involved. It starts with you telling a starting sentence and your kids taking turns to finish the story.

They don’t need to finish the sentence right away. The entire story can be one long sentence, but the key is to connect all the phrases and clauses into one fun, coherent narrative.

2. Creative Video Games

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Contrary to popular belief, playing video games can be very beneficial to kids. Video games can help them develop excellent cognitive skills, such as problem-solving skills, critical thinking, memory, focus, coordination, multitasking, and social skills.

If your kids play creative video games, they can also learn to communicate better. That’s especially true with online multiplayer video games. Here are some of the best games to play.

Creative Learning Games


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If your kids are pre-teens aged 9-12, they’ll be thrilled by Fortnite. Chances are they already play this exciting online multiplayer video game.

The best part of your kids playing Fortnite is that it will help them train their brains, develop strategic planning skills, and hone communication and cooperation.

If you’re worried about the shooting in the game, you can get your kids to play Fortnite Battle Royale. That’s a PVP version of the game that includes no blood but quite a lot of action and strategy.

Creative Building Games


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The Civilization video game series is another multiplayer video game that requires creative and strategic thinking. It also includes various historical events, so your kids can learn a lot about history through the game.

Their objective is to build an empire, so they need to explore various lands to gather supplies for building their civilization. In the process, they learn to cooperate and communicate, since they collaborate with other online players, just like in Fortnite.

Super Mario Games

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A classic that even adults still enjoy playing, the Super Mario game series is ideal for kids. Not only is it incredibly fun, but it is also perfect for the brain.

Video Games And Creativity

According to a study on video gaming, Super Mario games can increase grey matter, thus improving memory, motor skills, coordination, and strategic thinking. As you well know, that’s all very important for your kids’ proper development.

3. Creative App Games

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Whether your kids are old enough to have a smartphone or you let them use a home tablet, you can install many apps for boosting creativity and communication. Here’s what you can start with.

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Creative Building Games


Although it may seem like just a casual game for passing the time, Minecraft can make kids smarter. The gameplay includes building enormous structures limited only by their creativity, but there’s much more the game teaches them in the process.

It can help them develop problem-solving skills, planning skills, creative and logical thinking, resource management, and even basic coding skills.

They can also learn about patience and perseverance, as well as communication and teamwork, since they can play with their friends online.

Imagination Games

Little Big Planet 

Little Big Planet is so fun that lots of adults play it too. It’s a side-scrolling game that includes plenty of exciting puzzles hidden along the way at every level. Completing those puzzles unlocks more mysteries or various rewards, such as power-ups.

What makes this app game stand out is that you can create your levels. Imagine your kids’ excitement after they create their levels and share it with other players! Again, it’s all limited only by their imagination.

Creative Games For Language

ABC Mouse 

ABCmouse is excellent for kids aged 2-8. It’s a fun educational app that features 9,000+ learning activities, including animations, puzzles, videos based on stories, and even quizzes. It also includes a map of step-by-step learning paths for enhancing your kids’ engagement.

With this app, your kids can hone reading and language skills, math, art, geography, and much more.

Although it seems like an app for educational purposes only, it features lots of interactive games that your kids can enjoy. And through all those games and activities, they can learn without ever feeling like they’re learning something. That’s the best way to retain knowledge and develop excellent skills.

4. Creative Computer Games

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Just like video games and apps, creative computer games are abundant for kids. These are some of the best to introduce to them.

Imagination Games


If you grew up playing SimCity, you certainly know how fun it can be. It’s one of the original PC games for boosting creativity and improving cognitive abilities.

Creating their virtual city is something your kids will love. They can learn about city planning, building construction, property zoning, managing money, and various other city operations.

The best part is this strategy game never ends – unless the city goes bankrupt. The game limit is only their imagination and creativity.

You can also introduce your kids to The Sims, a SimCity sequel where they can plan their Sims’ entire lives.

Creative Building Games


Tetris is a beautiful classic that surely doesn’t need an introduction. Apart from creative thinking, it will help your kids make quick decisions.

Playing a game of Tetris can help your kids in many areas of their life. They can learn to plan and make decisions on the fly. They can also learn how to arrange various items to fit them perfectly, such as their books and school supplies, or furniture when they get older.

Creative Learning Games


Portal is one of the best PC games for developing problem-solving skills, improving coordination, and sparking creative thinking.

You have a portal gun for opening – you guessed it – portals to move around and find a way through several chambers that lead to the boss. There are many puzzles to solve, which requires a lot of trial and error. Your kids will fall in love with it.

What Is Creativity?

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Creativity is the use of imagination to come up with an idea, find a solution to a problem, or create a physical object.

It’s what happens when you flex your brain muscles to build something innovative, find ways to motivate someone, look at things from a different perspective, make connections between intangible or physical objects, or uncover hidden patterns.

By helping your children get their creative juices flowing early on, you can improve their lives in numerous ways. They can become accomplished individuals with all the necessary skills to lead a quality life and excel in their future job.

Can Creative Games Improve Creativity?

It’s right there in the name. Creative games can genuinely help kids, just like adults, improve their creativity. They come with gameplay features that help players keep their brain muscles active. If you’ve checked the Minecraft study above, you’ve seen the scientific proof.

What’s more, plenty of creative games out there feature fantastical elements. Creativity is a must with such games that take players into new dimensions and realities. It’s all about imagination and thinking outside the box.

What Else Can Creative Games Improve?

You’ve likely noticed a pattern in the games mentioned above. All of them facilitate creative thinking and problem-solving, and some even require making strategies to proceed to the next level.

Creative games can also improve your fine motor skills and coordination, as well as concentration and memory.

Word games, for instance, are also excellent for enhancing vocabulary and improving language skills.

Online video games are great for building social, communication, and collaboration skills. That’s because players communicate in real-time to come up with the best strategies for winning.

All in all, creative games stimulate the brain and help develop and hone cognitive abilities.

Are Creative Games the Only Way You Can Improve Creativity?

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There are lots of other ways you can improve creativity. The key is to find the right sources of inspiration that will engage and motivate you to come up with new ideas or solutions.

When it comes to your kids, finding inspiration in ways other than games is significant. You don’t want them glued to the screen all the time. Moderation will bring more benefits.

So, what are the best ways to spark creativity in your kids, and yourself? Let’s find out.

5. Kids Creative Activities At Home

Arts and Crafts

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You can engage your kids in crafting. They’ll love making something with their hands, and they’ll improve creativity and fine motor skills. You can make bracelets, interior decorations, Christmas decorations, gifts, gift cards, etc.

Also, You can try painting with your kids too. You never know, maybe they’re the next Picasso and Van Gogh.

How about regular trips to various museums, where your kids can explore exhibits and learn about art and history?

There are plenty of museums offering kid-friendly activities that facilitate creative thinking and provide fulfilling hands-on experiences.

The Sound of Music

Music creates a beautiful path to creativity. Songs can inspire, help your kids learn new words, and stimulate their brain in many ways.

You can take your kids to musicals, kid-friendly theatre performances, and live music events. Make sure they’re all age-appropriate, of course.

You can also enroll your kids in classes where they can learn to play a musical instrument. That’s a brilliant way for them to become more creative.

Many theatres offer workshops for children that wish to enter the acting world so that you can think about that as well.

The Power of Books

Regularly reading books can also summon a creativity muse, especially if those are fantasy books. Of course, books can also help your kids improve reading and language skills.

They may even inspire them to write their own stories and motivate them to become authors. You should encourage them to write stories. That way, you’ll give their creativity a push and help them develop excellent writing skills.

Final Thoughts

By now, you certainly understand how beneficial creative games can be for your kids.

Just remember to look beyond apps and video games, so that you can genuinely assist your kids in boosting creativity and honing their communication and social skills. Let them play video games, but remember to spend a lot more time learning

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