Futuristic Names for Babies That Won’t Make Their Lives Hell

baby waiting for a futuristic name

There’s a current trend of giving babies futuristic names. Some of them are quite interesting, while others are downright complicated.

While Elon Musk can choose a name like “X Æ A-12”, most of us can’t get on the news and explain our baby’s name. But names shouldn’t require an explanation in the first place, at least not on how to pronounce them!

Our list of futuristic names will inspire you to choose a unique name and, at the same time, won’t make your child’s life a living hell in the future.





Futuristic Names Matter A lot

Before we dive in, it’s important to consider how names affect our lives in some ways.

It makes sense that we identify with things that are relatable to us. Therefore, research suggests that people identify with their names, which in turn can influence the things they associate with.

In other words, if your name is associated with kindness, you would more likely relate to kindness, and so on.

That’s why we’ve provided a narrative for each futuristic name on our list, rather than just listing the names. Nevertheless, it’s advisable to further research the name you pick to make sure you have picked the perfect futuristic name. Let’s start.


Greek Nymph girl depicting Echo as a futuristic baby girl name image
Echo is one of the most beautiful futuristic names for girls. It sounds mighty and cool, and it’s quite unique. You can rarely encounter someone going by this name.

It came from the Greek language and was the name of a nymph in Greek mythology who was in love with Narcissus.


Calix Very handsome boy image
Calix also originally comes from Greece and means “very handsome.” It’s a unique futuristic name for boys, especially since there aren’t even any celebrities that use it.

If you want your son’s name to stand out, Calix might be the way to go.


Nova Baby Girl depicting a futuristic girl name image

Nova is such a lovely and powerful girl’s name. It means “new” and can also be associated with an astronomical event.

Namely, when a new star suddenly starts shining brighter for a short while before slowly returning to its original state, it’s known as a nova.

So, if you’re into astronomy, Nova can be an ideal name for your baby girl. But even if you’re not, it can still symbolize a rising star and, of course, a new beginning.


Anakin Star Wars futuristic boy name image
If you’re familiar with the Star Wars franchise, then you must know this name. And if you’re in love with the movies, Anakin is a perfect name for your baby boy.

As you may know, it means “warrior,” and it really sounds quite futuristic, even though George Lukas made it up decades ago.

What’s interesting is that many parents name their daughters Anakin. When you think about it, it can be a good name for a girl too.


Darya futuristic baby girl name image
Darya is a beautiful name for a little baby princess, particularly since it has a royal origin.

It’s a female variant of Darius, the Persian royal name from the ancient times that actually has three different interpretations: “kingly,” “the sea,” and “he who holds firm the good.”

But even if you don’t care about the meaning much, Darya is a name that can make your little girl appear strong and independent.


Xander boy name image
Xander was short for Alexander before it became a name on its own. It’s pronounced like Zander (which is also a beautiful name) and means “the defender of people.”

It does sound like a warrior’s name, doesn’t it?

Also, most names with an X somewhere in the middle have that futuristic appeal. So, there’s an idea to narrow down your list if you can’t make up your mind.


Zola futuristic baby girl name image
Depending on who you ask, Zyla (and its many variants) has lots of different meanings. It can mean “quiet and calm,” “love,” “shadow,” you name it.

Regardless of it all, it’s a very unique, pretty, and girly name that’s becoming rapidly popular these days.


Idris as futuristic baby boy name image
Before Idris Elba graced the big screen, few of us were familiar with the name Idris. It has an Arabic and Welsh origin and means an “ardent lord.” Just when we thought the name couldn’t get any more beautiful.

There are some people with the surname Idris, which makes using it as a name even more interesting.


Girl sitting under a willow tree image
This is one of the loveliest futuristic names for babies that’s quickly becoming very popular.

Obviously, this name stems from the willow tree. Naming your baby girl Willow will depict her as graceful, strong, and gentle because that’s what the tree is all about.


Zaiden futuristic baby boy name image
Zaiden can mean “plentiful,” “abundance,” or anything similar. It’s ideal if you want to use a common name that’s already cool and give it a twist to make it even cooler.

That’s how this name came to be. It derives from Aiden, which is also a fantastic male name that means “little fire.” You can play with it to come up with something even more unique, such as Xaiden, for instance.


Mischa baby girl image
Mischa is a very gentle girl’s name. It even sounds very soft and feminine when you say it out loud.

It has different meanings in different languages, but the most popular ones are “godlike” and “honey.”

It’s can also be a unisex name, as many countries around the world use it for boys, often as a short form for Michael or Mikhail.


Kael boy name depicting slender
Kael may look a bit strange, but it’s just like Cael and Cale – pronounced the same. This new spelling is becoming increasingly popular around the world, especially in the US.

It has an Irish-Gaelic origin and means “slender.” It’s not exactly a powerful meaning, but it can be an excellent name for a powerful boy.

Again, you can always experiment with it to make it stand out more and even change the pronunciation. Nothing too complicated, though. You don’t want to go all Elon Musk on your child.


Adaline retro futuristic girl name
Adaline originated in France and means “noble.” It does have a noble ring to it, right?

But for many people, this name means something entirely different. It depicts a timeless beauty, all thanks to the movie filmed several years back – The Age of Adaline.

It’s about a beautiful woman who miraculously stopped aging. It’s actually around that time that the name Adaline started becoming popular. It’s bound to be a hit in the future.


Caspian a novel futuristic boy name image
If you want to give your baby boy a mighty name, Caspian is a great choice.

Apart from depicting the vast Caspian Sea, it’s also the name of the famous prince from The Chronicles of Narnia fantasy novels (or movies, if that’s your cup of tea).

Not many men go by the name of Caspian, which is a tad surprising, given how masculine it sounds. But there’s your chance to make your son stand out from the crowd.


Arwen lord of the rings lord of the rings novel futuristic girl name image
The name Arwen (noble maiden) has been around for centuries, but it has never quite reached tremendous popularity. Again, that’s awesome if you’re looking for a unique name.

It wasn’t until Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings novels were adapted for the big screen that the name became more widely known. If you’re a LOTR fan, naming your daughter after the Elvish princess might be a perfect choice.


Ryker technological futuristic boy name image
Ryker sounds like a man from a sci-fi movie heading to space to save the world from annihilation. It has that striking, mighty, brave ring to it that you simply can’t ignore.

It derives from the German language and means “rich.” It’s undoubtedly one of the best futuristic names for boys.


Arya from game of thrones as a futuristic name
Even if you’re not a Game of Thrones fan, you must have heard of the name Arya. There’s rarely a person in the world who hasn’t heard at least something about the famous world of Westeros.

Ever since the HBO show hit the screen, parents all over the planet have been naming their daughters after the fearless Stark girl. The name became an association for bravery and perseverance.

Looking at its origin, it carries many different meanings: “noble,” “melody,” “song,” “honorable,” and “lioness.”


Kaiser Retro futuristic boy name image
Kaiser means “emperor” in German, and it’s a prevalent surname in Germany. But someone obviously liked it as a first name at some point, so now there are lots of people named Kaiser around the world.

It’s bound to take off in the coming years as many unusual futuristic names do, especially those with royal meanings.


Drea meaning courage baby girl name image

Drea comes from the Greek language and stands for courage, specifically meaning “courageous.” It was short for Andrea for years, but it eventually became an independent name for girls.

It actually does sound very independent, powerful, even warrior-like. It matches its meaning.


Tyrion: intelligent and witty boy name image

Here’s another famous name from Game of Thrones. Standing for one of its most likable characters, Tyrion quickly became a household name.

Lots of parents are increasingly naming their sons after the intelligent and witty Lannister. If you’re a die-hard GoT fan, the name Tyrion will fit perfectly into your family.


Nia brilliant futuristic girl name image
Standing for brilliance and resolve, Nia can be an excellent name for a baby girl. It’s usually used as a short form of names like Antonia or Eugenia, but it has been slowly becoming a hit on its own.

It’s very similar to its older cousin Mia, but it’s not as common, which makes it ideal.


Jax strong eagle boy name image
The name Jax depicts strength, which is why it’s becoming one of the most appealing futuristic names for baby boys.

It has Greek and English roots. In England, it means “God has shown favor,” while it means “strong eagle” in Greece.

It has also taken off thanks to the Sons of Anarchy show, where the main character Jackson had the nickname Jax. It’s a pretty cool name.


Freya: Weird futuristic girl name image
If you’re familiar with the Norse mythology, then you’ve undoubtedly heard of Freya, the goddess of fertility. Apart from fertility, she is the definition of a lady, noblewoman, beauty, and love.

So, naming your baby girl after her can definitely be an excellent idea. The name is popular in the UK and the Scandinavian region but is quickly gaining momentum all over the globe.


Ezra helper name image
Ezra sounds futuristic, fresh, quirky, strong, and heroic. It means “help” or “helper”.

Thanks to the DC Comics adaptations that have taken the world by storm, many parents now name their sons Ezra. That’s because the actor portraying The Flash in the DC Extended Universe is called Ezra Miller.

What you may not know is that Ezra has actually become a unisex name over the past several years. So, you don’t have to give up on it if you have a baby girl.


Astra Retro futuristic girl name image
Astra means “star” and “divine strength,” and it does really sound like that. It’s a stunning name for a girl, showing that she’s a person of great power, knowledge, and independence.

If you happen to be a Whovian, you can bring a bit of Doctor Who into your home by giving this name to your daughter. Remember Princess Astra from the 4th Doctor’s era? Perhaps it’s time to rewatch the classic Who to jog your memory.


Kian futuristic boy name image

Kian has an Irish-Gaelic origin but also has roots in ancient Persia. Some of its most commonly known meanings include “ancient,” “wise,” “king,” “grace of God,” and “realm.”

It’s not very popular outside the UK, except a bit in the Netherlands. So, your boy has a chance to be quite original if you live anywhere else in the world. And it’s quite a lovely name.


Anora queen like girl name image

Annora means “honor,” and it’s a very noble name. It sounds a bit like a queen’s name, don’t you think?

It’s a more sophisticated version of Nora, and definitely a less common one, so you should seriously consider it for your baby girl.


Zephyr West Wind Retro futuristic boy name image
Originating in the ancient Greek language, Zephyr stands for “west wind,” which you can also interpret as the “messenger of spring.”

It’s very light-sounding, calm, beautiful, and futuristic. Needless to say, it’s unique. Can you think of anyone going by that name? I didn’t think so.


Elya male and female futuristic religious name image
Elya can be both a boy’s and a girl’s name, but it’s more commonly used for boys. Although it has a religious meaning (“the lord is my God”), you don’t have to think of it that way if you’re not religious.

It’s a very cute and gentle name that beautifully rolls off the tongue.


Knox hill futuristic boy name image
Knox has quite a futuristic ring to it, doesn’t it? It’s a Scottish name with a silly meaning (“round hill”), but it sounds really fantastic.

It has particularly caught on after Jolie-Pitt named one of their sons Knox. You have to admit it’s pretty cool.

Are you feeling inspired yet? Have you already chosen one of these futuristic names for your baby?

All of them are brilliant so, whichever you choose, you can be sure your kid will absolutely love it.

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