Gifts For 11 Year Olds: Towards Mastery and Development

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Schools aren’t the only place where your kids can learn and develop. Of course, they’re of critical importance, but your 11-year-old will need to learn from their surroundings and their experiences. What can you do to expand your kid’s worldviews and critical thinking skills and help them develop into a bright young adult? You can do A lot. However, the easiest way to start is with developmental gifts for 11-year-olds. 

The more you expose your kid to new experiences and engaging activities, the faster they’ll grow. Consequently, the better they’ll learn about the world around them. 

Gifts for 11-year-olds come in all shapes and sizes. Nevertheless, they are not all equally created. Some will only help your child pass the time, while others will help them learn and develop. 





We’ll focus on the latter here. So, let’s take a look at the best gifts that teach your kid valuable skills and lessons that they’ll never forget. 

Gifts for 11-year-olds for Boosting Motor Functions 

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Most kids are active by nature. They want to jump, run, climb, test their physical abilities, and have fun doing so. Unfortunately, now most kids spend a large portion of their day in front of a screen. As a result, many have become dangerously inactive. 

So, you’ll need to do all you can to boost your kid’s motor functions. It’s crucial for both their physical and mental health. You’ll need to start by limiting their screen time and providing them with a better alternative. 

Popular for girls

Yoga Spinner

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Yoga Spinner is an excellent gift for 11-year-old girls interested in practicing yoga with their friends and siblings. It’s all straightforward – the goal of the game is to collect a card of each of the four colors by holding a specified yoga pose for 10 seconds. 

The game has 54 unique yoga poses and comes with clear instructions for each of them. Your child will be working on their flexibility, balance, and core strength. Additionally, they’ll need to work together with other players and develop their collaboration skills. Not to mention that the game is super fun and will have the kids giggling for hours.

Popular Gifts for boys

Balance Board

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Balance boards have been around for quite a while, and you’ve likely played with one yourself when you were a kid. It’s an ideal gift for an 11-year old boy who’s active and likes a challenge. 

Playing around on the balance board will help your kids work on their balance first and foremost. Additionally, it will help with their coordination and strength. Since this specific balance board can hold over 400lbs, you can even give it a try yourself. 

A word of caution, however. Balance boards can be hard to master, and unsurprisingly, it’s easy to lose balance on them. So, Make sure that the board’s surrounded by a soft, padded area so that even if someone does lose balance, it’s all still fun and games.

Popular for 11-year-olds – Boys and Girls

Indoor Playground

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Boys and girls of all ages will love the Gym1 Deluxe Indoor Playground. Moreover, It’s perfect for cold, rainy days when your kids have no choice but to sit at home. 

All you’ll have to do is install the Gym1 into an interior doorway, and let the games begin! The indoor playground features a swing, climbing ladder, climbing rope, trapeze bar, and more. Therefore, your kid will have plenty of things to keep them occupied. 

Gym1 can support up to 300lbs of weight so that you can join your 11-year-old for a fun afternoon at home. 

Gifts for 11-year-olds for  Developing Your Child’s Creativity 

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Creativity is an essential skill that will help your kid develop strong cognitive abilities. After all, without imagination and innovation, the world would be a much different place, and not in the right way.

Developing creative skills will prove useful in all areas of your child’s life- from how they play and learn how they solve problems and overcome obstacles later in life. 

So, let’s check out the best gifts for 11-year-olds that will help them develop their creativity skills.

Popular for girls

Pottery Studio

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Every kid loves playing around with playdough and clay, regardless of how old they are. Why? It’s messy, fun, and above all – creative. 

But instead of getting your 11-year old girl just a pound of playdough that she’ll think is for “children,” take it a step further and get her a tiny pottery studio. It’s bound to get her attention and get her interested in creating unique objects out of clay. 

The studio comes equipped with everything your girl may need to unleash her creative side – 2lbs of clay, a paintbrush, ten metallic paints, an instruction guide, a tool holder, and even a spray bottle for more easy molding.

Popular for boys

Comic Book Kit

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If your little guy cannot get enough of superheroes and comic books, it might be time for him to start creating his own stories. Specifically, a comic book kit can be a perfect gift for 11-year-old boys who like to express their creative side. 
This kit comes with two blank books with printed cells, rubber stamps, ink bottles, stencil templates, foam ink pads, and ten markers. Therefore, it has everything your kid needs to start creating his comics, and it’s all packed nicely in a box to eliminate any mess. [/caption]

What’s even more impressive is that the company behind this kit is eco-friendly, so its ideal if you’re an eco-conscious parent.


Popular for 11-year-olds- boys and girls

3D Pen

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A 3D pen might just be what your 11-year old needs to develop their creative side. The pen comes with plastic refills in 15 different colors, allowing your kid to create anything they could imagine.

It’s a big step up from simple drawing since it enables your child to create 3D objects with a single push of a button Your kid can connect the pen with the 3Doodler app, follow the stencils, and receive badges, or they can just let their imagination run free and play around to their heart’s content. It’s a unique gift for 11-year-olds that will genuinely work to boost your kid’s creativity.</span>

Gifts for 11-year-olds for developing diligence

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Enterprising kids will have an easier time with schoolwork and a variety of tasks. However, it can be challenging to develop this trait in your child. 
You’ll need to work closely together with your child and teach by example. Likewise, you can make use of a variety of different tools, sets, and games that can help your child grow into a diligent person. So, Let’s see.

Popular for boys

Woodworking Kit

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If you want to teach your boy how to be industrious, there’s no better way to do it than with a woodworking kit. He’ll need just a bit of creativity and focus, to make virtually anything he wants from the smooth pieces of pine that come in a variety of different shapes.

The kit comes with a lightweight hammer and nails, and the much-needed wood glue. So, you won’t need to invest in any additional equipment.</span>

Popular for girls

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Perfume Lab
] If you need a gift for an 11-year-old girl, this is it. This kit is educational and fun because it will allow your kid to create any perfume (or even cologne) she likes. 

The kit includes a guide book, which will inform your girl about everything she needs to know about perfumes. She’ll learn how to extract scents from essential oils, she’ll get a chance to learn about the world’s first chemist, and she’ll build up her chemistry and biology knowledge. 

The kit comes with four base scents, eucalyptus, jasmine, rose, and mint, and as all the ingredients are non-toxic and completely natural, it will be perfectly safe for your girl to use.

Popular for 11-year-olds- boys and girls

Maze Set

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Q-Ba-Maze sets are essentially huge 3D puzzles that your kids can play around with to create any shape or design they’d like. Besides, enjoying a fun game of marble runs. The individual pieces easily connect, and your kid can either follow the instructions or let their imagination run wild. 

This specific set stands out as it comes with motion-activated light-up cubes, which will add a touch of magic to all designs. 

The Q-Ba-Maze is excellent for teaching your kids about fundamental physics and engineering- fun and simple. 

Gifts for young artists

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All kids are artistic by nature. Singing, dancing, creating music, it all comes easily to most kids. If you have an 11-year old who’s interested in developing their musical skills, you might want to consider the following gifts.

Ukulele Beginner Pack

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No parent who wants to keep their sanity would give their child a drum set. However, a ukulele set is a whole different story. 

Additionally, a hot pink version is available for girly girls, and a neon blue for boys who like to stand out – choose from 6 different colors to suit your kid’s taste and style. 

The set comes with a high-quality ukulele, a matching carrying bag, a digital tuner, a colorful strap, two picks, and an instructional songbook; everything your kid needs to get more seriously into music. 

On the whole, it’s perfect for beginners, and you won’t even have to invest in private music lessons.

Karaoke Machine

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A high-quality karaoke machine can be an ideal gift for the whole family, not just your child. It’s perfect for family nights, birthday parties, sleepovers, and weekends when your kid just wants to practice singing. 

This karaoke machine has a Bluetooth wireless connection for streaming audio, or you can go the old-fashioned way and just insert a CD with your kid’s favorite songs. 

The colorful LED lights will set the party mood, while the built-in speaker will ensure high-quality sound. However, the machine comes with a single microphone. So, if your kid wants to sing duets, you’ll need to get an additional mike.

Music Theory Visual Guide

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If you want to help your child build their musical skills without making too much noise, you should get them a visual guide to teach them about musical theory. 

This guide is easy to follow and understand, and can even help with your kid’s music exams as it teaches about the different orchestra instruments, chords, harmony, keys, scales, and more. 

There’s even a guide on how to write your unique melodies- bound to get your kid’s creative juices flowing. 

Educational toys for 11-year-olds

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Finally, if you want your 11-year-old to master specific skills and knowledge while they’re playing and enjoying their free time, you should give these gifts a try.

Popular for girls

Gemstone Dig Kit

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Every 11-year-old girl will enjoy playing around with gemstones. However, Nat Geo’s kit will ensure that she learns a lot along the way. 

The kit contains a dig brick and chisel. Additionally, it includes a brush and a magnifying glass. It also features gemstones such as amethyst, obsidian, quartz, and more. Additionally, the accompanying learning guide will teach your girl about the basics of geology and tell her everything she needs to know about the formation of gemstones and their mining. 

It’s a perfect educational gift for 11-year-old girls.

Popular for boys

Science Kit

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Physics can be hard for an 11-year-old boy, but they can master it with a few games and toys. This levitation science kit is a great hands-on approach for learning about magnetic fields in a fun and simple way. 

The kit features unique experiments, and your kid will learn how to make a levitating screw, a floating pencil, and so much more. 

Also included in the kit is a detailed instructions manual that will keep your kid’s attention for hours.

Popular for 11-year-olds- boys and girls

Circuits Experiments Kit

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With the help of this kit, your 11-year-old boy or girl can build hundreds or projects and learn the basics of electricity and circuits. 

Your kid can create circuits and build functioning sound alarms, doorbells, flashing lights, and more. Every part of the kit is color-coded and labeled, and the manual is elementary to understand even for beginners. 

On the whole, It’s a perfect introduction to STEM for 11-year-old boys and girls, so give it a try. 

Final Thoughts 

Educational toys, games, and gifts are abundant for 11-year-olds to help your child grow, develop, and master necessary lifelong skills. 

So, give these gifts a try, and see for yourself how much your child will enjoy them.

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