Lunch Box Notes For Kids That’ll Get Them Really Excited!

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Parents have been making lunch box notes for their kids for a long time. It’s become a widespread cultural tradition. It’s a way of showing your kids that you care for them even when they are out there in the world, climbing their way to adulthood.

Every parent likes to put those small but meaningful tokens in their lunch bags. A simple thing like this can give your kid the necessary encouragement and make them smile.

How do you make it stick?





Writing some witty, sweet, and caring notes is generally a good idea.

You don’t have to do it every day and suffocate your kids even though you sometimes wish to. Do this occasionally and when it matters (when they have something important coming up).

Lunch Box Notes for Kids: Why Slip A Note?

A Way to Communicate

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Lunch box notes are supportive, authentic, and spontaneous. They are an excellent way to give positive reinforcement to your kids and boost their self-esteem. It’s a unique communication method to be there with your kid and provide them with the support and acknowledgment they need.

Here’s how this form of communication can benefit parents and kids.

Busy Parents Can Stay in Touch With Their Kids

Today, both parents usually work at the same time while raising their children. Communication can be a daunting task. Sadly, having a full-time job and being a parent means that you will sometimes have very little time to spend with your kids.

Your kids spend around 7 hours a day in school while you work 8 hours. It can be challenging to set aside enough time to spend with your kids and simply talk to them. This is where notes can be beneficial. For example, if you leave for work before your kid goes to school, they might miss words of encouragement from you.

With a single note, you can show them that you think about them even when you’re at work. You can make your kids laugh to help them relax and get through the day- knowing that they are cared for.

It’s a Good Way To Learn More About Your Kids

When writing lunch notes, you will get more engaged as a parent. We aren’t saying that people who don’t are bad parents but notes make you want to stay on top of their daily activities. You will keep track of special classes, field trips, assemblies, or anything else.

Sometimes you can simply write notes that can make them laugh, motivate them, or give acknowledgment without context. However, if you know what is on your kid’s mind and what feelings they have about an upcoming event, you will find it easier to help them deal with it.

On top of that, when you know what significant events, tests, or plays they have coming up, you will want to ask them more about them. You can learn their thoughts and feelings about those things and understand them better as young human beings.

Lunch Box Notes For Kids Can Help Foster Learning in an Unorthodox Way

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Lunch box notes can help you educate your kids, especially if they are young. They can learn how to read better and improve their literacy. They can also learn to communicate better and not just yell, “mom, I’m hungry,” or “I want that toy!”

If you show your kids that there are different ways to communicate, they will follow your lead. If not, they will only look at you as a moving food dispenser. Showing thoughtfulness to your kids will make them want to give back to you.

You will have something to talk about while having lunch. Your kids will tell you about the important things that happened to them.

Lunch Box Notes For Kids Can be Used in Different Ways to Remind Them of What They Need to Do

You don’t have to put the notes in their lunch box only. There are many ways you can use them to motivate, remind, or educate. For example, if your little boy always forgets about the toilet seat and you’re tired of cleaning it repeatedly, you can stick the note on the seat.

It’s an excellent way to remind your kid about what needs to be done. It also beats scrubbing the toilet seat every day as well.

 Killer Lunch Box Notes For Kids Ideas

What’s important is to mix it up. However, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a system. Kids are hectic on their own, and you don’t need to add more chaos to your life, right? To make it easier on yourself, and write better notes, look to establish a system.

Here is what you can do:

“What am I” Riddles for Mondays

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“What am I?” riddles are an excellent option to entertain your kids and make them think a little bit. What’s even better is that there are countless options out there. Some of them are easier, while others are more difficult and suitable for older kids.

You can enjoy these riddles with all your kids in many different situations, when traveling, at the dinner table, on your way to school, or you can put them in their lunch box. It’s an excellent way to get their creative juices flowing and make them wonder.

Don’t be surprised if your kids become better than you at solving these riddles. They learn pretty fast.

Math riddles for Tuesdays

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Most kids find math difficult and annoying. However, if you start teaching them maths in a fun way since they are young, you can show them that it doesn’t have to be this way. Math riddles can help kids develop critical thinking and sharpen their problem-solving abilities.

Most importantly, they will teach them to be persistent in overcoming challenges. Math riddles can come in the form of written words, puzzles, drawings, or geometry. Accordingly, this means you have many options you can use to learn more about your kids and see what they respond to best.

Jokes for Wednesday

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Don’t be “that” parent that treats their kinds like they are in the army. It’s not only about making them do “what’s good for them.” Fun is also suitable for kids, and it’s an integral part of childhood! Kids are comedians at their heart. You should encourage them to act funny and have their comedy sketch.

It’s good for them to get creative and express themselves. Don’t be surprised if you get burned and realize that you are not as young as you might think. After all, to be humorous, you need to know how to take a joke as well.

Science for Thursday

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Kids are curious by nature. They want to learn about the world surrounding them. Science is all about learning. However, the important thing here is to recognize what your kid is interested in. Some want to learn about animals, others about physics, chemistry, space, and so on.

When you find out their interest, find notes with their favorite science topics. They will share their new knowledge with friends and teachers at school. You can spark their curiosity and discuss these subjects even further while at home.

Lunch Box Photo Note for Friday

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Slip in a photo in your kid’s box to remind them of something fun you’ve done recently. A photo of your family or some goofy picture will make them laugh. You can stick a note with some inside joke, a loving message, or something motivational that goes along.

Mix it Up

These ideas are just an example of how you can organize your lunch box notes. You don’t have to put one every day. Spread them out weekly and see how your kids respond. If they like them, sneak in a couple more during the week.

Our Top 15 Lunch Box Notes For Kids Picks

Why did the banana go to the doctor? She didn’t peel that well.

When packing a banana into your kid’s lunch box, this joke fits in like a glove. You can even write it on the banana.

Can’t wait to see you tonight so we can ketchup!

Put the fun into ketchup while showing that you care.

Go nuts!

Support the added nuts with this message.

Eating an apple doesn’t hurt, but going to the dentist does.

This is a funny way to let your kid know that apples are good for their teeth.

Bread + ham + cheese = What?

This is a fun way to do some math on a sandwich day.

To which school do giraffes go? Well, high school, of course!

Their education is too high for elementary school.

What’s a sad strawberry called? A Blueberry.

It’s essential to know the difference between the two.

Have a berry beautiful day!

Berries can be very supportive.

You’re my whole world!

A lovely drawing of the planet could fit in nicely.

You’re my honey, even if you get a B.

Bees are important for the environment.

What short word becomes shorter when you add two letters?

Short – shorter.

What did the baseball glove say to the ball?

Catch you later.

What’s served, but isn’t food?

A tennis ball.

How do oceans say goodbye?

They wave.

It has flies and four wheels, what is it?

A garbage truck!


Once you start making funny lunch box notes, you will get the hang of it quickly. If you lose inspiration, you can always find some additional examples online. Get creative and awaken the child in you. Not only will your kids have fun, but you will as well.

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