Musical Toys For Toddlers That Are Easy To Use And Don’t Suck!

Toddler playing Musical Toys

When shopping for musical toys for toddlers, you will find a lot of options. However, even though these instruments are made for small children, they should offer a proper musical experience they can relate to. A lot of the toys you can find are cheap instruments that look the part, but don’t play the part. 

They need to be durable, safe to use and be able to reproduce sounds like professional instruments. At the same time, they need to be well-adjusted for their age. Simply put, if the instrument is too complex to play, kids are likely to lose interest fast. 

These are our criteria for picking the best musical toys for toddlers. Here are some of our suggestions.





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7 Best Musical Toys for Toddlers


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Baby Genius Step To Step Dance Mat

Dancing Mat Musical toy for toddler

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Most toddlers spend a lot of their time playing on the ground. This musical mat allows them to dance over it and play music with their feet or sit down and play with their hands. It offers a selection of 10 different musical instruments.

When they get bored with the piano, they can switch to the guitar, violin, trumpet, and so on. It’s made out of comfortable and durable vinyl material. This toy is designed to be walked over time and time again, and it will last forever.

PlanToys Kazoo 

Baby wooden music toy

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These days everything is made out of plastic. It’s the cheapest material available to manufacturers, and they use it for everything, including toys. However, PlanToys is a company that’s bringing back wooden toys without any toxic dyes, paints, or other chemicals. 

One of their best products is this wooden kazoo. Kazoo is an old toy that we played with when we were kids, but this doesn’t mean that kids today won’t have fun with it. A kazoo makes sounds based on the noise that the user is making. 

This gives kids a lot of sound options to test out, including talking, yelling, singing, humming, and so on. It’s tons of fun while being completely safe and eco-friendly.

A great review of the kazoo by MY SCALLYWAG.

Hape – Rock and Rhythm Band


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If you have an older toddler (2 to 3 years old), consider getting this small drum set. If your kid has a lot of energy and likes throwing stuff around the house, we guarantee you that you won’t be able to keep them away from these drums. It comes with a stand, cymbals, sticks, and three drums.

You can adjust the height so that any kid can reach the drums easily. The sticks are light, and any kid can hold them with ease. What we really like about this toy is that it’s designed to reduce the noise output. That protects your toddler’s ears from any damage and makes sure parents don’t lose their minds.

Munchkin Mozart Magic Cube

Musical Instrument for toddlers development

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The Mozart Magic Cube is a very creative toy for toddlers who want to learn about music. It’s very neatly designed in the form of a cube with smooth edges, which ensures durability and fun shape that kids want to play with. It has large buttons with different characters and colors. 

When pressing them, the toy plays music sounds. Kids can learn to combine sounds from different instruments and make their own music. Apart from different instruments, it also has a volume switch so you can adjust the noise level with ease.

Baby Einstein Octoplush

Nursery rhyme toy for toddlers

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This is a typical stuffed animal that plays music when pressed or hugged. Repetition is an important factor when it comes to music. With Octoplush, kids can listen to the same songs over and over again and enjoy their favorites. 

It’s made out of soft satin that’s really gentle and non-irritating. Its colors and structure are ideal for helping your kid develop their sensory skills. You can also use it as a lullaby toy to make kids calm down and fall asleep.

Auris Glockenspiel


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Glockenspiel musical toy for toddlersOld but gold. A glockenspiel is a bit of a forgotten instrument, but it’s ideal for small toddlers. This one is a 7-tone pentatonic glockenspiel made completely out of wood. It’s a very fun and usable instrument. It can help kids develop sound recognition, motor skills, and understand the dynamics by playing gently or hitting hard. 

It’s a miniature version of the real instrument and has a clear tone that sounds really nice. However, its quality build means that it comes with a higher price tag.

Little Tikes PopTunes Keyboard

Baby music toy keyboard

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A small piano is a perfect toy for toddlers that want to go all out. It has 13 keys with both high and low notes. The keys work like on a regular piano, and this toy could even be the start of something greater. 

There are various built-in tunes your kid can play with or simply go completely freestyle. The keyboard has shiny buttons and LED lights that make the whole experience even more fun. But make sure that your toddler isn’t exposed to these lights for a long period of time (just in case).


Why Buy Musical Toys For Toddlers

Teaching kids about music early can be a great thing. Music helps kids develop in so many ways. They might even fall in love with it and become professionals when they grow up, you never know. Just because you aren’t musical doesn’t mean that your kids won’t be.

What’s even better is that there is no limit to when you can start exposing kids to music. You can start exposing kids to music right away when they are still toddlers. If you are looking for something that will have positive effects on your toddler’s development, it’s music. 

There are no downsides to pushing music to your kids this early. But before you get a musical toy for your toddler, let’s see how music helps their development.

How Music And Musical Toys Help Toddlers Develop

Children start identifying rhythms and paying attention to sounds at an early age. A lot of kids will even dance to music at this age. Many adults are even afraid to dance in public, but for kids, this is not an issue. 

Apart from this, music also provides many cognitive benefits that are essential for early development. Here are some of the crucial effects of music on toddlers.

It Helps Improve Vocabulary Development

Small toddlers can’t understand words in nursery rhymes or songs, but over time they develop more understanding. They focus on the song’s storytelling, and this helps them learn words and understand them. For example, the ABC song helps them memorize sounds with a catchy melody.

At first, kids don’t understand that the whole song is a sequence of letter sounds. But as they grow up, they begin to understand each letter apart. Just think about it, did you ever hear a song you listened to as a young kid? Did you realize that you didn’t understand any of the lyrics and completely misunderstood?

Developing Coordination

Children don’t need to understand the words in a song to dance to it; even adults don’t. They feel the rhythm and move to it. You can notice this at a very young age with nursery rhymes or lullabies. It’s a natural thing, and everyone responds to the rhythm of the music.

When kids dance and move, they develop their spatial awareness. If they respond really well to the music, they might even want to jump around, which helps them grow muscle and improve balance. A musical toy can encourage kids to dance and try to mimic moves they’ve seen somewhere.

Music Develops Numeracy and Literacy

Since they are babies, toddlers have the ability to hear differences between noises and sounds. When a baby is just a couple of weeks old, it can recognize its mother’s voice. Listening to music helps kids develop their ability to recognize different words and sounds. 

Toys with nursery rhymes or music can help kids learn with repetition and identify different sounds patterns. On top of that, music can also help develop anticipation so that kids recognize which parts of the song are coming next. 

It helps them put together those patterns in a single sequence. With all of these skills, toddlers can develop a foundation for numeracy and literacy.

Sensory Development

Music can reinforce sensory development similarly to colors, textures, and taste. When they are toddlers, children are constantly processing all of the experiences they are surrounded with. Every repeated or new experience has a learning value for them. 

During toddlerhood, the brain is developing really fast and establishing a network of associations. These networks are the foundation that they will use for their entire lives. It’s not only about listening to music. Kids can engage with different musical props, which make their experience even more immersive. 

For example, instruments like triangles, drums, or tambourines are easy to use and can help kids build their own musical experiences. These sensory activities help kids learn better and establish a network of associations that will help their cognitive development.

Music Puts Kids in a Good Mood

Music is one of the most natural ways to improve your mood. It works for adults as well. How many times did you feel down and listened to some music to cheer yourself up? Yeah, that’s right, countless times. 

Music has an amazing effect on our emotions and the current state of mind. For example, parents who have difficulty putting their kids to bed use relaxing music, songs, or lullabies to calm them down and make them fall asleep.

It Helps Develop Social Skills

Musical toys helps socialize toddlers

Music is rarely an individual activity. It’s all about communication and sharing the moment with other people. Kids can listen to songs together, dance, or play instruments together. As kids grow older, they are likely to join a band, orchestra, or a choir if they develop their interest in music. 

Music facilitates brain and skill development, but it also helps children engage with like-minded peers. It helps them learn to work in a group, communicate with others, and build their creativity.

Ways You Can Include Music in Your Toddler’s Life

If you’ve decided to incorporate music into your toddler’s life, there are several ways you can do this. There is really no reason why you shouldn’t do this. Not only can music help your kid develop, but you will also enjoy it. 

It’s a win-win situation. Here is how you can do this:

● Set an example

You might have heard this already, but toddlers look up to their parents and want to imitate their behavior. If you want your kids to enjoy music and play with musical toys, you need to set an example. Show them how fun music can be, play instruments, dance, and sing. Soon enough, they’ll start doing it too.

● Put on music while in the car

Most people enjoy listening to music while driving in their cars. When your kids are in the back, it’s a good idea to play some music and even sing. Kids always respond positively to this.

● Give your toddlers musical toys to play with

When you sit on your couch in the living room and want to take a bit of a rest from parenting (everyone does, there’s no shame in it), put some musical toys in front of your toddler. Don’t give them a smartphone or some tablet, teach them to have fun with music, and explore their creativity.

● Have music parties

Bring in other parents and kids and throw a music party where all the kids can let out energy and have fun. Let them show off their skills, play music together, and try out different instruments.


These are our top choices of musical toys for toddlers. They are all safe, fun, and easy to use. Your child doesn’t need 4 pounds of plastic to have fun and learn about music. Going with any of these toys would be the right choice.

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