Lunch Box Notes For Kids That’ll Get Them Really Excited!

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Parents have been making lunch box notes for their kids for a long time. It’s become a widespread cultural tradition. It’s a way of showing your kids that you care for them even when they are out there in the world, climbing their way to adulthood. Every parent likes to put those small but meaningful […]

Which parenting style is most encouraged in modern America?

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If you hit social networks and parenting forums, you can see that many people are under the impression that the most encouraged parenting style in modern America is the permissive parenting style. But is this really true? Is modern American society that lenient when it comes to favoring certain parenting strategies when raising children?   […]

Calming Corner For Kids At Home: Say Bye to Meltdowns

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Controlling emotions comes naturally to most children. However, that doesn’t mean that you have to accept them and wait them out. You can help your child control their emotions and behavior, and prevent overreactions, by creating a calming corner. Controlling emotions such as anger, sadness, or frustration is difficult enough for fully-developed adults, Let alone, […]

Tantruming Children Are Tensed Up. Here’s How You Can Help

A Tantruming child having a temper tantrum

Don’t worry; you are not the only parent stuck with a tantruming child that bursts when you are about to set a new boundary and say “No.” In fact, a study finds that 84% of preschool kids had thrown a tantrum within a given month. The usual scenario goes something along these lines: You had a […]

Proprioceptive Input: Address Your Child’s Lack Of Focus

Child using his proprioceptors in a playground

Did you ever actually stop to think about how many senses we have? Spoiler alert – the popular expression “sixth sense” can be misleading, making you think there are only five senses. Let’s cut to the chase. We have eight senses. One of those senses is called proprioception. Even though you’re hearing about it for […]

Futuristic Names for Babies That Won’t Make Their Lives Hell

baby waiting for a futuristic name

There’s a current trend of giving babies futuristic names. Some of them are quite interesting, while others are downright complicated. While Elon Musk can choose a name like “X Æ A-12”, most of us can’t get on the news and explain our baby’s name. But names shouldn’t require an explanation in the first place, at […]

Musical Toys For Toddlers That Are Easy To Use And Don’t Suck!

Toddler playing Musical Toys

When shopping for musical toys for toddlers, you will find a lot of options. However, even though these instruments are made for small children, they should offer a proper musical experience they can relate to. A lot of the toys you can find are cheap instruments that look the part, but don’t play the part.  […]

Reusable Food Pouches, You & Your Baby will Love

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Feeding your baby is a wonderful bonding experience that you’ll cherish forever. However, once you’ve started feeding your baby puréed and solid foods, you’ll realize that it takes a lot of hard work and patience, and not to mention a lot of cleaning. To make things easier for both yourself and your baby, you might […]