Stuffed Animal Zoo: A Great Way to Learn and Tidy Up

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Too many stuffed animals at home? Why not build a stuffed animal zoo for those homeless animals? Your kids will get to learn about animals, and you get a nice, clean room. Not a bad deal, right?

Check out some of the most creative ideas for building a stuffed animal zoo that will help you finally stop tripping over toys all over the house.

Stuffed Animal Zoo Cage






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This is one of the simplest ways to store all those stuffed animals lying around. There are tons of ready-made stuffed animal zoo products, but you can also easily make one on your own.

All you need are some wooden boards and screws to build a zoo cage, and some nylon or bungee rope to serve as movable bars. That way, your kids can easily take out and put back in all their stuffed friends.

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Stuffed Animal Corner Zoo

Placing a stuffed animal zoo in a corner can save a lot of floor space. But the trick is to make it look like a tetrahedron. It’s the shape you would get if you were to cut through the rectangular zoo cage diagonally.
It looks very nice, and it’s a great way to prevent the zoo from sticking out if you have nowhere else but the corner to put it.

Storage Cabinet Zoo Cages

Storage cabinets are excellent items for making little zoo cages that look like stuffed animal dog kennels. Making them yourself couldn’t be easier.

If you don’t want to go through the trouble of building a cabinet, you can always buy one. But if you already have a cabinet with doors, simply remove the doors and attach wire grid panels in their place. Secure them with round cable clips, and you’re good to go!

The best part is that this animal shelter can double as a nightstand. How cool is that?

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Circus Train

A stuffed animal circus train can be a fun addition to your kids’ room. Making it is just like building that stuffed animal zoo with rope bars. But the really fun part is adding wheels to the circus train car.

You can also use wooden toy storage crates or any other toy box on wheels, which may even fit under the bed to save a lot of space in the room.

Wicker Hampers

Is there really a simpler way to tidy up a bunch of toys than to throw them all in a hamper? Perhaps not.

You can’t go wrong with something this classic and easy. But you should spruce things up a bit by adding some decorations on the hampers.

You can glue some letters spelling out your child’s name (e.g. “Kevin’s Zoo”) or attach any other interesting decoration. You don’t want the hamper to look like a laundry basket.

Wire Hamper Zoo

This is the same as using a wicker basket, except the storage unit will look a lot more like a stuffed animal zoo because of the wiring.

Wire hampers may also be a better choice than wicker hampers because your kids can easily pull out their toys. They don’t need to dig through everything to get one particular toy that fell to the bottom.

On the other hand, wicker hampers can look much better when decorated. In the end, it’s a matter of personal preference.

Stuffed Animal Bean Bags

Whoever thought of making stuffed animal bean bags should get a medal. Seriously, how awesome are they?

Your kids can use them as regular bean bag chairs while not using their toys, and who doesn’t like relaxing on a comfy bean bag? Granted, it can’t be as comfy as a regular bean bag, but it can still serve as a nice spot in your kids’ cozy reading nook.

You can easily make a stuffed animal bean bag, but there’s also a wealth of those you can buy on Amazon, for instance, if you’re not very good at sewing. They come in all shapes and sizes, so storing all your kids’ toys can be a breeze.

Toy Hammocks

Using a hammock to pile up your kids’ stuffed animals is perfect for quickly tidying up and saving a lot of floor space. You can hang it pretty much anywhere, but make sure it’s within your kids’ reach.

Again, you can make it yourself, and you don’t need to sew anything. You can make a DIY stuffed animal storage hammock by using crib sheets, for instance.

But there are also a lot of adorable toy hammocks you can buy, and they’ll hardly cost you anything. You can find designs with superheroes or anything else that your kids love. There are also net hammocks for stuffed animals, which will give a more classic look.

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Bed Canopy Swing

If you happen to have a bed canopy that just takes up your storage space, you can repurpose it to create a beautiful stuffed animal swing.

You simply need to hang it on the ceiling, tie it at the bottom, and stuff all the toys inside, just like in a hammock.

This is probably a better option for a girl’s room, especially if you have one made of tulle.

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Hanging Plant Holder

If you have any plant hangers lying around, you can repurpose them too. However, if you have only those really small ones made for holding little flower pots, they may not serve this purpose very well. They wouldn’t be able to hold many stuffed toys.

But if you have a big, long, metal plant hanger, you can repaint it, maybe add a few decorations, and hang it on the ceiling.

Check out how blogger Dinah Wulf made stuffed animal storage using a plant hanger. It looks absolutely magnificent.

Stuffed Animal Swings

A stuffed animal swing can be another perfect addition to your kids’ room. Who says your kids’ stuffed animals can’t have some fun too?

The great thing about an indoor swing is that it could be used as Proprioceptive input for your children. That will help them become more focused, as they get a little bit older.

You can make several connected swings on top of one another with some wooden boards and rope. You can also bring the outdoors inside by using branches instead of boards.

Branch swing shelves can give your kids’ room a nice woodland theme that brings them a bit closer to nature. And they wouldn’t cost you a dime!

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Mesh Hanging Bags

Mesh hanging bags can also be quite useful when it comes to organizing toys. After all, their primary purpose is to store various items, so why not use them for stuffed animals too?

The best to use are long, round ones with openings on the sides so that your kids can easily take out their toys and put them back in. They typically feature 4-7 compartments.

These hanging bags are available in all colors, and various other shapes and sizes, so you can easily fit them in any room.

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Wall-Mounted Baskets

Wall-mounted baskets are quite popular among parents these days. They can save a lot of space while adding an interesting touch to your children’s room.

There’s a lot of versatility when it comes to these items. You can use wire baskets, wooden baskets, or any other that will look lovely on the wall.

Wall-hanging planters made or wrought iron are another great option, especially if you like a vintage style.

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Stuffed Animal Zoo Display Racks

If your kids have plenty of stuffed animals and you have enough space for a large display rack, then that’s what you should install. Once they’re older and don’t need their toys anymore, they can use the rack for pretty much anything.

Even a bookcase can serve as a stuffed animal zoo, and you know your kids will find it useful when they’re older.

A wooden ladder is yet another great display rack for a stuffed animal zoo. Just make sure it’s sturdy and doesn’t move easily so that your kids are perfectly safe.

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Long Wall Shelf

Shelves are always a good idea for various items, including your children’s stuffed animals. One excellent way to store their fluffy toys is to install a long shelf near the top of the wall using bracket shelving.

This is actually great when your kids are at that age when they don’t use their toys anymore but don’t want to part with them just yet. They can keep them on display until they fully outgrow them.

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Storage Crate Shelves

You’re probably getting the idea that shelves can do wonders when it comes to creating a stuffed animal zoo for your kids. And while you can easily buy all kinds of shelves, you can also take the DIY road and create something unique.

Get your hands on any number of crates (wooden or plastic) and mount them all on the wall. You can place them in a row, or get a little more creative and build floating shelves.

The best part about using storage crates is that you can put stuffed animals on top of them too.

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Over-the-Door Organizer

We usually use over-the-door organizers for shoes, cleaning supplies, tools, and what-not, but they can also come in quite handy when storing toys too.

All your kids’ stuffed animals can sit neatly inside the pockets, ready to get out and play at any moment. And if you don’t want them hanging behind the door, you can hang them in the closet.

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Stuffed Animal Treasure Chest

What child wouldn’t want a treasure chest in their room? It’s ideal when they’re playing pirates and need a perfect spot for all their valuables.

However, if you’re thinking about a big, heavy wooden chest, have in mind that it’s a much better choice when your kids are not particularly young. You don’t want them to hurt their fingers while getting their fluffy friends.

Until they’re a bit older, a cardboard treasure chest will do the trick.

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Stuffed Animal Zoo Tower

It can be challenging to build a stuffed animal zoo tower if you’re short on space, don’t want to purchase shelves, or don’t have the time for any extensive DIY project.

Luckily, you can use a simple shoe tree. You only need to attach some bungee cords to the tree to make sure the stuffed animals don’t fall out of the tower.

Who knew that shoe trees could be this versatile?

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Beehive Stuffed Animal Zoo

A beehive stuffed animal zoo can look incredibly interesting.

You may have seen various decorations that people make using toilet paper rolls. This idea is quite similar, except you need bigger storage for the toys.

You can use PVC pipes and secure them on the wall, door, or inside a bigger crate. It will be perfect for all those smaller stuffed animals that your kids lose all the time.

Stuffed Animal Toy Chain

Now, what could be easier than this? A plastic chain, hanging from the ceiling, holding all the stuffed animals your kids have.

You can use clips to attach their plush toys to the plastic links, and you can easily add a lot more toys over time. Talk about saving some space!

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Stuffed Animal Ferris Wheel

Yes, we saved the best for last. A stuffed animal Ferris wheel is one of the most creative toy storage ideas we’ve seen so far.

Yours doesn’t need to take as much room. You can go a lot smaller, and the effect would still be mesmerizing.

It does require a bit of effort to build, but it definitely pays off. It will completely transform your kids’ room and actually make them genuinely excited about tidying up.


Kids love pretend-play. They love imagining all sorts of events while playing with their stuffed animals as if they were real. But their imaginative play is much more than mere fun. It actually enhances their development.

According to science, some of the vital benefits of pretend play include improving language skills, fine motor skills, memory, problem-solving skills, social and emotional skills, and developing cognitive reasoning.

So, creating a stuffed animal zoo won’t just teach your kids about responsibility and save you the trouble of tidying up yourself. It will also help your kids develop and grow.

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